A closer look at our brand promise

We design and develop for a new tomorrow.
Determined to be one of the game changers
– we
take action by sustainable innovation.

So what exactly are we saying here? “We design and develop for a new tomorrow” means that we are fully aware that tomorrow’s consumers not only demand quick access to new designs, but at the same time require that underlying production processes and consumption patterns do not occur at the expense of ecological and social balance. This is key to us here at KnowledgeCotton Apparel. We design and develop for a new world where the conditions, opportunities and requirements have changed.

By stating that we are “determined to be one of the game changers” we’re saying that we want to lead the way. We are pioneers in sustainable fashion and we are determined to continue to challenge the conventions in the fashion industry. Not only showing that change is possible – it is the only way going forward.

“We take action by sustainable innovation” declares our mindset and our “how”. Words may inspire, but only action can make real change. We believe in teaming up with friends, organizations and partners who are the best in their respected fields. It forces us to challenge ourselves, push our methods and mindset, and makes sure that we stay innovative.

Being our friends and partners, you play an important role in delivering on our promise. Thank you for supporting our journey.

Together we are game changers.