Take action with a smile

Say hi to the iconic Smiley! There are probably few symbols that are as well known and appreciated as the Smiley icon. Always relevant as an unreserved, stylized expression of joy and togetherness. Maybe it’s the sheer simplicity that makes us fall head over heels and take the message straight to our hearts.

A smile can do magic

In a way, the Smiley represents many of the values we want to stand for here at KnowledgeCotton Apparel. With a smile, we show respect. We show commitment. We show presence. With a smile we can also do magic, spreading our positive energy like ripples on a pond.

Cooperation and respect

So why are we bringing you a collection featuring the iconic Smiley in times like these? Well, we can hardly imagine a better timing. We believe the great challenges facing humanity are best fought with a strong faith in the future. With cooperation and respect. Without the support of a positive attitude, it will hardly work.

So why not take on the world with joy and enthusiasm? Change is always easier with a smile on your face.


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