Knowledge to make a difference

As a brand, our inspiration comes from the great environmental challenges facing humanity. It’s really just that simple. It all comes down to being aware of the impact we have on our Earth. That the responsibility is ours. And that we can and need to make changes. We say it’s time to take action. Fashion can be sustainable. Must be sustainable.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel is not a traditional fashion company. Sustainability has never been a question for us. It’s part of our DNA. It was never easy for us to find producers and factories that had the same mindset. It’s still not easy. But when we do, we create something that is unique. A feeling of being in this together.

Let's be clear

Why should a clothing company care so much about all of this you might ask? Isn’t climate change, pollution, and poverty for the politicians to deal with? Let’s be clear about this. Driving a sustainable business was always about believing that we can make a difference. And this belief has taken us far. Today our mission is not as lonely as it once was. Businesses are beginning to calculate carbon footprints. People are starting to consider what is reasonable to consume.

Though there’s still so much to improve in this industry, we feel something has happened. There’s a growing interest from colleagues in the business to embrace at least parts of the sustainable work. And customers have opened up to sustainability. Whereas climate change is real, and we all have a responsibility to do everything in our power to stop it, the new awareness is a power we cannot deny.

As a company we are determined to continue to challenge the conventions in the textile industry, to be on the lookout for new sustainable innovations and to stay true to our vision.

There’s no other way going forward.

"We are Knowledge"

"We are Knowledge"