Invest In Our Planet

There is a lot of talk. Talk about the urgent need to fight climate change. Talk about protecting the planet’s resources. Talk about saving the oceans, rain forests, and wildlife. Don’t get us wrong here. Talk is good. But action is better.

Since 1969, sustainability has been at the core of our business. We have seen first hand that change is possible. But we also know that change doesn’t come without action. Based on our ‘take action’ strategy, we strive to do things better each day than we did yesterday. It is what drives us. And that’s why we sometimes get a little tired of all the talking. We say, action first!

Make investments that matter

On April 22nd it is Earth Day. A day that reminds us that we need to do much more to tackle the global challenges. Not just to minimize the harm affecting those of us who inhabit the planet today. But because it is our duty to do all we can to leave behind a habitable planet for future generations.

The Earth Day 2022 theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet’. It is a theme that we believe puts the finger on what it’s all about. If we do not invest in the clever ideas, innovative projects and brave organizations that can help save our planet, then no other investments will matter either.

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We donate all revenue from sales on Earth Day

To us, every day is Earth Day. But as long as a special day is needed to remind the world of the crucial challenges we all face, we fully acknowledge this initiative. As a way to emphasize our support for Earth Day 2022, we invest in our planet by donating all revenue from the sales on our website during Earth Day on April 22nd. Revenues go in full to support EDF – Environmental Defense Fund.

About the Environmental Defense Fund

EDF is a non-governmental organization that is based entirely on science, and concentrates its resources on the areas where their expertise can make the biggest difference. To create long-lasting solutions, EDF brings together people from all sides to tackle the challenges from many perspectives. This approach is very much in line with our view of ‘knowledge’ as a basis for action. We are happy to be able to invest in their important work. 

For Earth Day 2022, together – for everyone, everything, every day…